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Alliance Warfare

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Alliance Warfare is a free-to-play strategy browser game set in a land of war. In Alliance Warfare players complete quests, attack rivals, invade barbarian cities, create alliances with their neighbors, build massive armies, and expand their kingdoms. Build your city, research technology, train troops and expand your territory to conquer the land.

Troop variety is fairly good in Alliance Warfare with over a dozen troop types and good diversity within each category for further depth. For example your main ground force could include all sorts of melee fighters including peasants or simple militia.

Alliance Warfare is the first game to ever integrate a live radio station right in the game. There are live DJ's all day/night and they actively participate in the game and allow players to directly interact with them and request music.

You can choose to investigate three comprehensive tech trees: one focused on resources, another in knowledge and the latter focused on military issues. Alliance Warfare enables players to construct the following buildings in order to gather resources: saw mill, gold shaft, iron mine, and farm. To do so, they have to be placed in a specific area that grants the corresponding resource.

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