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Asgard Heroes

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DeveloperEvolution Volt
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This game is a free Browser Game, an online sanctuary (MMORTS, MMORPG) that takes only 5 minutes to learn, and becomes extremely addictive.

Far away in the galaxy, an alien species prepares intensively for a full-scale galactic war with unknown enemies. As a future Fleet Commander, your skills and limits are put to the test, by being willingly stranded on an abandoned colony.

You have to rebuild the existing structures, research new technologies and challenge your other brothers, who apparently have the same task as you do: to prove themselves worthy.

Asgard is in desperate need for heroes! Are you man enough to lead your people to freedom or are you too afraid to even try? Are you a hero or a coward? You decide! Have fun; play discretely from work or school and make new friends online.

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