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Call of Gods

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DeveloperAeria Games
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Call of Gods (CoG) is a beautiful free-to-play browser-based game which mixes MMORPG & SIM genres.

The game is played on the Aeria Now portal and it is a mix of city-building and quest completion. Players can choose between humans, elves or undeads.

Call of Gods is a game that will keep you busy because you need to control multiple heroes' stats, skills and equipment, as well as their respective armies. The heroes act as the commanders of their troops.

You play the role of a Lord and you will have to protect and rule your kingdom. You need to develop your castle and build powerful armies in order to defeat monsters and other players as well.

CoG includes a complex combat system which takes into account a wide variety of factors such as hero attributes, unit type, unit positions etc.

The game has a good build up, tons of upgradable stuff and great visuals.

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