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Cultures Online is a free-to-play MMORPG/strategy game that put players back into the Viking era.

Your hero's adventure in Cultures Online starts in a village on Iceland.

Your task is to hire more Vikings and decide whether you want them to help you expand your village or to send out on raiding expeditions.

Your hero's class is decided by the weapon a player chooses for a character. Each weapon type can be used especially effectively against one type of weapon but might be less effective against another type. How well your hero can use that weapon depends on their skills.

There are five attributes you can increase. Strength affects two handed weapons, dexterity influences one handed weapons and intelligence affects ranged weapons. Endurance increases your health points while Luck affects your critical hit chances.

There are three character classes: warriors, berserkers and rangers. The customization is limited but in terms of avatar customization, it's one of the more in-depth systems I have seen.

The in-game character design is marked by cartoony theme and the graphics look nice and colorful, but they remind me a little to "the settlers".

Upgrading buildings will allow you to assign more heroes to a specific building and granting you better income of that resource.

The combat in Cultures Online is avatar-based, meaning there’s no large-scale battles or armies involved. Instead your heroes battle against a constant flow of enemies.

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