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Forge of Empires is one of most popular free-to-play browser games by InnoGames. It is a hybrid RTS and turn based combat game. You build up your town to increase your resources and then train your citizens to help you conquer neighboring kingdoms.

The game lets you create your own city from the beginning of the Stone Age onward throughout the centuries.

There are only 2 major resources: supplies and coins. Coins are gathered from your residential buildings and supplies are gained from your production buildings. Your production buildings allow you to create items to help you build better buildings or to create items that generate supplies.

Striving for balance is the key for beginners. You want to erect residential buildings that boost your population and invest in supply buildings to increase the resources you harvest.

Alongside the city building elements in Forge of Empires, players are can also enlarge their influence through military campaigns and exciting combats. Your task is to produce an army filled with military units, from cheap light infantry to massive siege machines.

Once you have an army you can access the world map and scout out neighboring territories.

As you advance in the ages and the technology tree you will find yourself in need of resources that you don't have. This is were you need to use the trade market.

To be succesful, you will have to learn how to be an empire ruler, a city manager and a field commander to succeed against rival empires. You must play a balancing act between available population and their happiness to increase the amount of soldiers you have available.

The graphics are wonderful and the user interface is very simple to navigate and looks pretty good. The game has a very big "Age of Empires" and "Civilization" feel.

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