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Habbo is a virtual hotel environment where players can socialise with each other using customized avatars called Habbos. The Habbo experience consists of many parts, which are all inextricably linked. Each player creates an avatar and is given his or her own room to decorate. Players may also play mini games and collect dozens of achievement badges. You create your Habbo avatar at the beginning of the game, and then start exploring each of the 30 hotels.

While the chat feature is the main component of this world, you can also play games, decorate an apartment, and discover different shops and restaurants. Parents need to know that ads and foul, sexist, and homophobic language run thick on Habbo. Avatars sling absolutely vulgar talk at each other in the public rooms, some of the more popular rooms being the "Sexy Singles Club".

There are two free to play multiplayer mini games to play, Snow Storm and Battle, but players will likely spend most of their time making friends and hanging out in each others rooms.

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