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OGame is a strategic space simulation game with thousands of players across the world. Ogame is probably known to most of you, as this browsergame already exists for over 10 years. Even today, people are attracted to it. The game is played in real time. I already used to play Ogame three years, therefore my impression of the game hasn’t changed a lot since then.

Starting off on a randomly selected planet, you are immediately thrown into it, with a series of tutorials available to help put you on the right path. It’s definitely a good game to leave running in the background while you work or whatever. If you’re looking talk smack to your friends, this is far from the game for you.

The OGame universe consists of three classifications: galaxies, systems and planet slots. In the game you are given a randomly assigned planet in which you will construct, research and perform missions to develop your colony.

Considering that everything is done via a web browser client and that the game is free of charge Ogame is a space strategy game that at least deserves you to have a look at.

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