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Total Domination

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Total Domination is a free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORTS. The game is available on facebook, uses an isometric viewpoint and lets you build much larger, fully-animated buildings.

Players split their time between managing their constructions in their bases and attacking other players or computer-controlled installations in an attempt to power themselves up.

You must develop your colony and instill loyalty in your followers. Another important action is to discover lost knowledge and to research new technologies which gives you access to new and upgraded buildings, weapon, and troops.

To raid, a player must choose the number and type of troops to send. If the raid is successful, they will seize a certain number of resources. After gathering sufficient resources, players can construct or upgrade assets.

The game is played in a persistent world and socialization and interaction with other players are crucial. Players with large amounts of friends can form alliances. They will benefit from far more abilities and freedom than those without friends. Choosing your allies carefully can be the difference between victory and defeat.

The graphics are extremely detailed. The visuals and animations are for sure more nicer than most average browser games. It's needed to play the game in fullscreen mode.

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