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War of Legends

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War of Legends is a real-time strategy game based on ancient Chinese mythology. In this game players can rule empires, manage resources and command their armies against their enemies. The game is free-to-play and is playable directly in the internet browser. It's a popular genre of games that allow multiple players to role play together online.

As a strategy game, the ultimate goal of War of Legends is to build an empire and amass great wealth. New players begin the game with a single city. Although players can choose which region to play.

War of Legends also has a easy inbuilt chat system tool, which can be switched between World, Alliance, Private, System and Info. What I also like is that there is a button there to report any abuse in the game.

On the whole I think War of Legends is amongst the top games of this type. The pace of the game is a bit slower than others, but if you have to go to school, college or work, that might actually work in your favour! In my personal opinion, War of Legends trumps Evony. However, the two games are very similar.

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