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WarFlow is a RTS war browser game where you can command your forces and team up with your friends in the Legion. You need to be a member of a nation, a legion or at least a team to get ahead in WarFlow.

In WarFlow, you're tasked with building, upgrading and maintaining a town and an army. Shops, training grounds, houses and most importantly Town Centers require training. Training itself is a bog standard affair, with cool downs populating the left side of the screen indicating when next an upgrade can be queued. Gold, one of the game's two currencies, can be spent on removing these wait times making new training opportunities.

How to play:

On the screen are located in your own village, where you can manage your resources, organize troops and interact online. Br browsing through all interfaces and clicking every buttons offered, you can get more details of how the game works.


The lords of the castle are open to many possibilities. He can sit on the trade, equip the army more or spy other castles. One important area is research lab where you can conduct all, commercial, military, agricultural and educational.

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