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Gaia Online is a fantastically enormous forum based online game. Explore the epic adventure within the Gaia Online MMO, zOMG!. You can discover interesting and beautiful worlds, engage in combat with monsters, interact and play with friends.

The game's sound and music are as good as its visuals, with music that beautiful matches the area you're in and various musical scores to highlight events taking place in the game. You will find yourself checking the game at odd hours and seemingly be drawn to the colorful flow of the website and the games you find there.

Gaia Online has a bustling marketplace so even if you want to buy items that cost real money you can save up enough money and actually buy yourself whatever you want. This game is truly fun and is a great way to earn money for your Gaia Online account.

However, lacking a proper tutorial, the game may leave new players scratching their heads over many of the other UI features that haven't been explained. Fortunately, there is a detailed menu that lets you understand most of the game's features.

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