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Zoomumba is a free browser-based zoo simulation online game developed by Bigpoint. In Zoomumba, players focus on creating the best zoo around, striving to satisfy zoo visitors and keep their animals happy by tending to them. Players are responsible for making sure their animals are healthy and happy. They have to provide food and water.

Zoomumba also gives players a bunch of short-term goals that change every couple of hours. For the most part, these are pretty straight forward tasks.

This game takes up colorful and bright shades to create a lighthearted ambience in which one can feel as if worries are blown away by wind. In the beginning, players have to lay out habitats or closures on pieces of empty land before introducing animals to nestle in.

Usually the species of animals will become more precious and rarer with the development of the zoo; and another thing players should note is that it is advisable to pick up both male and female animals of the same species.

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